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Emirates to Launch Daily Flights to Bogotá via Miami on Boeing 777-300ER | India Business News

MUMBAI: Dubai-based Emirates has announced the launch to daily flights to Bogotá via Miami on widebody three-class Boeing 777-300ER aircraft from June 03. With...



‘RHOA’ star Porsha Williams parts ways with Simon Guobadia

Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia have just decided to go their separate ways, 15 months after they tied the knot.According to PEOPLE magazine, the...


Germany legalises cannabis, but makes it hard to buy

Already police in some parts of Germany, such as Berlin, often turn a blind eye to smoking in public, although possession of the drug...
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Supernova: Astronomers crack cosmic ‘murder mystery’

The explosion was of a huge star, 20 times the mass of our Sun, a so-called blue supergiant. Its life ended in spectacular style...

The app that lets you have a live conversation in any language even if you don’t speak a word of it

Anyone who's traveled abroad knows how frustrating and limiting language barriers can be. But what if you could break those barriers with a...

Fossil reveals 240 million year-old 'dragon'

A remarkably complete fossil of a bizarre Triassic reptile in unprecedented detail has been found. Source link

Roger Guillemin, 100, Nobel-Winning Scientist Stirred by Rivalries, Dies

Roger Guillemin, a neuroscientist who was a co-discoverer of the unexpected hormones with which the brain controls many bodily functions, died on Wednesday at...

Odysseus Spacecraft Lands on Moon, First Time for U.S. Since 1972

For the first time in a half-century, an American-built spacecraft has landed on the moon.The robotic lander was the first U.S. vehicle on the...


3 Wyoming swim team members killed in crash in Colorado, officials say

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